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who is saint john thunder?

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who is?


saint john thunder

Your destiny was to cross paths with me 

Your destiny was to fall to your knees

run your mouth before it’s sewn

BABEL. ⚡️  BABEL. garbage BABEL.  

utter not upon the throne

BABEL. BABEL. garbage  

he moves his mouth there’s only silence

absolute truth immutable violence

final words muted suffer infinite silence

we roll straight like pharaoh 

we know without tarot

you caught in my stare so lethal arrow 


we come with no truce

angels loosed 

golden goose in my noose

we conquer like Zeus


pray the end is near

enemy in the clear

reigning fire chaos

I’m the tip of the spear 


noble hunter like Orion 

comes Daniel slaying lions

prophetic like Mayans

ride the old ship of Zion


the wrath of 4 magi

slaying demonic hordes

bow down to thunder

fear the hands of the lords

abhorrent wicked one  

now fallen on the sword 

ain’t no appeals board for my guitar chords

⚡️ who hanged Jeffery Epstein mother f* that’s right 

Saint John Thunder in the night 

only time could bring you to your knees 

so many lies could cause your minds to seize 

take your place dis-engage from the rage

the disdain

the pain 

from the hell that you sustained

only time could bring you down ⚡️

this is now a tragedy for all to see

⚡️ this is not your destiny 

this now a travesty a mockery for you and me

I can't describe my pain for you

my heart for you

isn't how it's supposed to be

this is not your destiny

I'm fighting this with all of me

for all to see


King of the ill fold


all been done before 

all be done again 

7 deadly sins 

7 ways to win


they burned him one time

they burned him two times

he’s lost his sound mind 

he cannot unwind


he was sick of the bank roll

sick of the dang toll

sick of the stank ho

tired of the tango 

at war with the new world 

they take him and break him 

now he’s staking their bank roll

king of the ill fold

sick of the dang toll

sick of the stank ho

tired of the tango 

sick of they bank roll


he scans the horizon 

for acts to entice him

hopes in inside him

someone will try him 

they bow and retreat 

he remembers the smell

remembers the sound

the rain coming down

he’ll take you there

aware full stare

razor focus

the fight ain't fair⚡️

saint john thunder is:
Rob Carrico - drums
Big D Smith - bass
Jef Leppard - vocals
A.Mays - vocals, guitar

dystopian saga trunk rattling metallic futurism iLL noise. nod your head throw your first up if you feel it. as musicians we are clear we are here to support Saint John Thunder and his mission. in solidarity

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Our art director is Daniel Osorno from Miami

saint john thunder is a remote COVID safe work project with members on the east and west coast. we record virtually often using cell phone microphones (yes especially the drums!). 

engineered by saint john thunder produced by adotmays. written by saint john thunder.c2020.


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