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 relevant: "I am adotmays the author of Death to FIAT$ v$.hit"

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adotmays the rogue poet

 relevant: "that slave master got gas to lobby" "you tell me jamie diamonds or elons?"

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So Much to Say w/ the 2 Skinnee J's 

artist statement: I am a fringe artist known for making statements over the years that occasionally ring true. I’m working on a NFT collection to capture my journey thru life with poetry and music. I’ve aggregated some of my work below. I am just a poet. There is love and defiance. When I'm in love I sing -> "Providence" from the SoundCloud link. Otherwise - it's Rogue Poetry. Things I addressed over the year should have been a sci-fi fairytale. Yet, here we are. 


I collaborate on several projects including the 1) upcoming LoveRēbel INDIE NFT art gallery 2) movie concept metal alt. band Saint John Thunder 3) adot's rogue poetry 4) and a.mays urban alt. songs. To check out the projects please scroll down. Please help spread the word by sharing, liking, re-post with your friends.  

With LOVE - adotmays

IG and BitClout @adotmays Twitter @amaysbullhorn


 adot's rogue poetry 

listen to A.Mays "Rogue Poetry" released 2005 

adot's rogue poetry

relevant: "out here they're even charging for oxygen, I feel like clocking them, but jail cells they love locking them."

Rogue Poetry reMAST 10.5.2021adotmays
00:00 / 03:46

Watch "Battle Royale" released 12/8/2009

relevant: "Armani suits will loot us I liken this to Brutus" "My president is black". 

Screen Shot 2021-01-29 at 3.36.16 PM.png


a.mays urban alt
BC U (let it go) 10.5.2021A.Mays
00:00 / 03:06
L.O.F. p1 official _modern day napoleon_A.Mays
00:00 / 03:44
saint john thunder

saint john thunder

a movie concept

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rogue poetry that's all it i$

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